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Hey Guys I'm Maya Thomas. I write poems and make stuff happen.


SCRATCHA DVA – (April 25th Dada, Beijing / April 26th Shelter, Shanghai)
13. April 2014

It’s a Sunday at my house                                                                             It’s been a long day

I bet you’re probably eating with your spouse                                                    The situation felt good but it’s rubbing me the wrong way

I always figured I was better than being the “sidebitch” to a young man with a wifey

You left your pick here and I wish you left a white tee

When you left we’d text once or twice you know, write me

You want to fuck me and converse with me but a part of me wonders if you even like me

I was just thinking about you today 

Even though I’m sure I didn’t once cause you to sneeze 

I’d really like you to come back but I’m too big on the inside to say please

And yo’ girlfriend look like a bitch but she don’t deserve what we fixed to do

I feel bad in a good way, and even worse to want it again from you

I promised myself I could learn to stop earning for another touch 

But the feeling of just a hello and hug from you is a bit much

And i figured you’d go end up fucking me forgetting me 

Eventually be honest about your love and end up regretting me 

If I told my friends about how good you can squeeze they’d heckle me and then side me

I don’t want you to be my boyfriend I just like talking to you I like it when you’re inside me

I like hearing about your friends and girls you think are cute your dreams I like it when you’re beside me

It just sucks that in order to feel pleasure with you, now you have to hide me

-Maya Thomas